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About UsFuxin Haorui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.(formerly known as Xinrui Fine Chemical Research Institute, Xinqiu District, Fuxin city), located at 9 Yongxing Road, Xinqiu District, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, was established in 2009. It is a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of fluorine-containing pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other products.

The factory covers an area of 24512 square meters and a building area of 12000 square meters. Including production workshop, pilot plant, quality inspection center and office building.

The company's main product categories are: toluene series, trifluoro toluene series, fluorobenzene series, benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, covering more than 300 varieties. These products are mainly used in the development and production of new products in medicine, pesticide and other fields at home and abroad.

The company sets up the enterprise spirit of honesty, quality assurance and wholehearted cooperation, and is willing to cooperate with friends at home and abroad to create a better future.

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